Anime recommendation for Newbie

Hi, so I’m relatively new to Anime and looking for recommendations. So far I have watched 3 anime: Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia.

Loved AOT and FMAB but didn’t really enjoy MHA, it was kind of boring to me. It had its good moments, but overall I just couldn’t get into it and watched it more on the side while doing other things because otherwise I was just bored.

AOT was my first anime and at first I couldn’t get into it at all since I didn’t like Eren. I stopped a couple times and started again, but by the end of season 1 I was hooked. I’d definitely consider AOT my favorite anime so far. Still don’t like Eren lol (just my personal opinion!), but there’s other great characters I enjoy.

FMAB hooked me literally right from the beginning and comes in at a close second on my anime list. It had so many characters I loved including the main ones.

So in general when it comes to shows characters are most important to me, I need to be able to connect with them and actually like them. At least some of them haha. Good written villains are also great.

I recently started Demon Slayer and I’m now on Episode 3 and so far I also don’t really enjoy it that much and am kinda bored. The cinematography is stunning but that’s not really enough to keep my attention and my mind just keeps clocking out lol. But I’d be willing to give it another shot if you think it’d be worth it in the long run?

Do you have other anime recommendations for a newbie like me who loved AOT and FMAB? I’d like to watch a show I can really get into, one that captures my full attention. I’d appreciate your input!

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