Any recent anime with primarily orchestral/classical soundtracks?

Been vibing to the NGE and FMA/:B soundtracks lately, especially the emotional rather than the battle themes, and hoping to find more awesome works like that. I’ll just quickly nerd out on other anime OSTs I’ve noticed over the years so I feel like I’m recommending something in turn as well.

Ten years ago we got Shinsekai Yori and Zetsuen no Tempest and I’ve really enjoyed those OSTs too. And Madoka! There is a cool Madoka suite on Youtube where most in the orchestra are cosplaying as the girls while playing, a cellist even holds a pocky in her mouth lol.

More recently we have been treated to some goated Kevin Penkins stuff of course, and Vinland Saga (the guy who does Saga also did the Tokyo Ghoul OSTs btw). Inuyashiki also has beautiful pieces that I noticed towards the end of the show (and this guy composed Ergo Proxy wow).

But feel free to recommend soundtracks! Doesn’t *have* to be orchestral, but then I have to add I’m already ass deep into Psycho-Pass and Sawano OSTs.

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