any sci-fi/thriller anime recommendations?

I started watching anime last year, haven’t really finished watching most of them because I got bored. Here are the ones I watched :-

1. Death Note (completed, liked it)
2. Serial Experiments on Lain (started watching last year didn’t finish)
3. Demon Slayer (watched first 2 seasons, got bored)
4. Tokyo Revengers (currently watching but getting bored so might leave it)
5. Spy family (started watching and eventually got bored)
6. Classroom of Elite (like it but also don’t like it, left it in the second episode)

that’s it. I really liked death note (although finished it in a couple of months). It’s like I binge watch some episodes and then don’t feel like watching for a long time.

Could you guys recommend any thriller/sci-fi animes, which don’t have any useless romance or just aren’t cringe…

Thank you!

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