I just finished Hunter x Hunter for the first time and I haven’t felt this empty after finishing an anime in a very long time.

Such a good show man. Praying that the anime makes a return one of these days, although I’m gonna start the manga from where the anime left off.

We got absolutely amazing soundtracks, a pedo magician, and best girl Kurapika. What else could we ask for?

On a serious note though, always saw people hating on the Chimera Ant arc, but I fricking loved it from start to finish. That ending with Merueme was very unexpected. They made me go from hating the son of a bitch to bawling my eyes out like a baby at his ending. I expected the typical mc vs big bad showdown, but pretty sure Gon didn’t even speak to him.

Togashi, I hope your health allows you to finish the story one day!

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