I made a website to insult your taste in anime

Ever found out that the person you’re speaking to watches anime? You ask them what anime they like and they say they like FMA:B, Steins;Gate, and Violet Evergarden. What does that tell you about them? Absolutely nothing. But, just as an example, if they said they liked the ending of Darling in the Franxx, now you’ve got something to talk about.

The unpopular/bad opinions we hold say much more about our taste than our mainstream opinions. But how do you identify which of your takes are the spiciest?

I have spent the last \~6 months building [WrongOpinions.moe](https://wrongopinions.moe), a website that finds your worst (but hopefully most interesting) opinions and displays them in an easily-sharable image, complete with plenty of playful insults. All you need is a MAL account with a public animelist.

The website is completely free to use and doesn’t have any ads, and I promise to keep it that way. This is just a hobby project, not something I intend to monetise. If you’re a developer, the whole project is open source (GPL) so feel free to [read through the code](https://github.com/JoshuaWalsh/wrongopinions) or even use it as a starting point for building your own site.

Share your own scorecard in the comments, let’s compete for baka scores and learn a bit about each other.

[To break the ice, here are my results](https://preview.redd.it/nk9r7jd4y60b1.png?width=1020&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=8369a844e88e346de0babdacd5dda89ca9714dc5)

You can click the “Download” button to get an easily-sharable image of your results.

If you have any suggestions for extra metrics or data that you’d like to see surfaced, let me know and I’ll consider them. If you like the site I’d really appreciate it if you shared it with your friends.

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