Im fully aware this sounds made up but..

Regardless of how it sounds ..

I need help finding some shows to watch

Basically – my up to now fairly normal Gf watched “how not to summon a demon lord” with me and suddenly became quite.. animated.. anyway – we’ve watched both seasons twice now and I need more that feature:

Cute cat girls, cute demon girls, or .. indeed any cute girls with smaller figures

Sexy time – inc girl in girl, group or one on one

Slave / obedient / submissive type characters

A dominant type character

Harem type?

Fantasy setting (i.e. not high school but swords and bows and stuff)

Comedy / light hearted

Not too scary (she literally jumped when some characters got attacked)

Available on Crunchyroll or HiDive

Nudity seems to not matter but implied nudity seems fine (which I don’t entirely get but still)

Anyway – help, please

Note she is over 18 and wasn’t into anime prior to this – my thanks in advance 🙏

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