Just finished Wonder Egg Priority and I feel like I just got pranked (SPOILERS)

I know I’m super late to the party but what in the fuck was that ending? Hell, what in the fuck was that entire second half?

So there’s that one scene in which the girls are chatting and don’t give a single care about Ura-Acca’s and Acca’s origins because girl talk which I interpreted as “the stuff in the background doesn’t matter, this is a story focused on the characters” which I’m 100% okay with.

Show then goes out of its way to explain pretty much everything: the origins of the guys, the cause of the temptation of death amongst young girls, the fact that it the Accas fault for wanting to create a daughter-fu AI doll, how they’re not actually resurrecting their dead friends but rather pulling alternate versions of them out of parallel worlds, how Neiru was actually an AI copy that her “sister” got jelly of and a whole bunch of other things. And where do all these developments lead?


On the background story front, The Accas’ plan to train the girls into being “Warriors of Eros” to combat Frill and her ridiculously named friends is never resolved. I could have done without some kind of grand battle with Frill but there wasn’t any confrontation of any kind from any of the main characters.

On the character front, it’s even fucking worse. By the end of the series, everyone save for Ai and maybe Neiru are left way worse off than where they started due to being traumatized by the deaths (and having to munch on) their dead not-Digimons and there isn’t even some kind of hint that they too won’t succumb to the temptation of death eventually and off themselves.

Show ends with Ai running to buy an egg, go all “ayyyy, I’m back! I’m going to find Neiru, babyyy!” followed by her throwing the double peace sign and then just FIN.

I am all for shitposts, I am all for shows that plays around with the viewers but all of this beautiful art and music was just used for an incredibly mean-spirited “FUCK YOU” to the audience.

tl;dr: Wonder Egg Priority kicks you in the dick for caring about its world and characters, goddamn

Edit: Now learning of the production hell behind the scenes, how the show turned out makes sense to me now.

Damn shame, I still enjoyed it despite its glaring flaws but that ending was something else. Shows with loads of untapped potential always bugged me way more than flat-out bad ones

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