[Rewatch] Heidi, Girl of The Alps – Episode 2 Discussion

# Episode 2 – *Grandfather’s Mountain Cabin*

**^^^Originally ^^^released ^^^January ^^^13th, ^^^1974**

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**Note to all participants**

Although I don’t believe it necessitates stating, please conduct yourself appropriately and be courteous to your fellow participants.

**Note to all Rewatchers**

Rewatchers, please be mindful of your fellow first-timers and tag your spoilers appropriately using the r/anime spoiler tag if your comment holds even the slightest of indicators as to future spoilers. Feel free to discuss future plot points behind the safe veil of a spoiler tag, or coyly and *discreetly* ‘Laugh in Rewatcher’ at our first-timers’ temporary ignorance, but please ensure our first-timers are no more privy or suspicious than they were the moment they opened the day’s thread.


**Daily Trivia:**

> There is a Heidi-inspired theme park in Hokuto City, Yamanashi, Japan called the Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Center Heidi Village (colloquially referred to solely as ‘Heidi’s Village’). [Here is the official website.](http://www.haiji-no-mura.com/)


**Staff Highlight**

Toshiko Sawada – voice of the Narrator

> An actress and voice actress affiliated with the Tokyo Actor’s Co-op, and well known for her narration work and dub voice acting. Little is publicly disclosed about Sawada’s early life, but she is known to have graduated from the Fukuoka Prefectural Moji Kita High School, and entered the entertainment industry shortly thereafter. Sawada joined the Tokyo Announcement Voice Acting Academy after many years working with Theatre companies. She is noted as being the voice of the automated railway broadcasts used widely throughout Japan, from the mid-80s up until the division and privatization of the Japanese National Railways in 2004, though as of 2023 two stations under the jurisdiction of the JR East Nagano branch still use her announcement recordings. Sawada is noted as the dub voice of Angelica Huston, Diane Wiest, Faye Dunaway, and Holland Taylor. Her anime voice acting debut was as Queen Thistle in 1969’s *Undersea Boy Marine*. Some of her other notable roles include the D’Artagan’s Grandmother and the Narrator in *The Three Musketeers*, Tiffany Evergarden in *Violet Evergarden*, Akiko Tomoe in *Judo Sanka*, Kaoruko Usui in *Robotics;Notes*, Triton’s Mother in *Umi no Triton*, Admiss in *Red Photon Zillion*, Michiyo Akeni in *Hello WeGo!*, and Athena Arayas in *Appleseed*.


**Screenshot of the day**

– [Dusk](https://i.imgur.com/tK1wYFc.png)

**Questions of the Day:**

1) It appears that Heidi and her Grandfather are getting along just fine. What did you think of their interactions this episode?

2) Heidi’s dream makes evident her feelings on the change of scenery. What do you think most influenced her view of her previous dwelling?

**I’m going to my grandfather’s place! To the Alm mountain!**

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