[REWATCH] Last Exile Episode 7 Discussion spoiler

#[LAST EXILE](https://i.redd.it/roa1etvv920b1.jpg)

#Episode 7 Interesting Claus

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*VRV offered Last Exile with advertisements, but shut down May 3.


[Screenshot of the Day](https://i.redd.it/3iobguvv920b1.jpg)
**Chess Term of the Day:** Unusual moves are said to generate “interest”
**Gratuitous Use of Symbol Font of the Day:** ΛΟΞΚ ΟΝ Lock On ΟΠΕΡΑΤΙΟΝ ΧΟΜΠΛΕΤΙΟΝ Operation Completion
**OST of the Day:** [A New World Has Come](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUecKlyfQEs) Insert by Hitomi

much music is not on the OST.


##Discussion Prompts

**Permanent Question:** Meaning of the episode title?

1) Thoughts about Dio and Lucciola? And the Guild?

**Tomorrow’s Questions Today**

[Q 1)]>!Knowles is a cartoonish villain. How satisfying was it to see him sunk? But is Rowe just a stock anti-hero?!<
[Q 2)]>!Now that we’ve spent some time with him, thoughts on Mullin? Alister, too.!<
[Q 3)]>!Like the racing episode, this episode was sort of an interlude between arcs. Was it worth it, or in the way?!<

Reminder that next weekend will be a mid-season break!

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