Shows worth catching up to (Spring 2023 edition)

Now that we got halfway through the season I thought would be nice to have a discussion where anyone can recommend shows that you think it’s worth to marathon the first half so you can get to experience the final one on release. You can recommend any show that you like as long you think it fits any of these two categories:

1. **A show that is under the radar of most people, aka possible hidden gem of the season.**
2. **A show that had a slow start that may have put off a lot of people but that has improved signficantly afterwards (it could also be the case that the first few episodes do not portray well what the show is about)**

So, for my personal choice, I would like to recommend **The Dangers in My Heart,** a show that although its quite present in the weekly rankings, I was very close to dropping it after the first two episodes because I simply didn’t like the main duo back then, as to me, Ichikawa just looked like the chuunibyou edge kid while Yamada looked like the typical airhead love interest, but as the season progressed we got to learn that they are in fact very well writen with several layers in their personalities (and Ichikawa definitely got way less weird pretty fast), so to me at least, every episode just keep geting better and better in that aspect, not mentioning the great looks of the show on top of a really nice direction of the episodes portraying their cute interactions in a really nice way, doesn’t mater how simple they are.

**PS:** I’m not sure if there is a similar concept being used in other official/unofficial threads already, so I apologize if that’s the case.

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