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i know skip and loafer is ongoing and all, but with these current chapters i have loved it “equally” after continuing off the anime (i was impatient since it had some sort of effect on me). this “equal” feeling had this weird healing effect on me, and i suppose it means that i initially wasn’t able to pinpoint what exactly i loved about it so far since it was wholly maxed out in all areas, if that makes sense.

it reminded me of how much i loved my little monster and from me to you, even though i didn’t like drama at all. i really dont know if kimi ni todoke would be boring without the drama they had with their characters and if i want to cry while watching misunderstandings unfold, but i do know i would (hopefully) enjoy it even without the drama.

this train of thought eventually reminded me of lovely complex, and i started to feel like i like couples that have some sort of “gap”—whether physical appearance or personality. what i loved about lovely complex is similar to the mangas i mentioned before;

while i can’t exactly pinpoint the sparkling effect they have on my eyes or how it cleansed me, what they all had in common was a sense of difference in the main couple; side characters that were relevant to the story and protagonists themselves;
said side characters were still loveable, had friendship-values to teach, and most especially had decent backstories or interesting interactions;
protagonists slowly realize they like or love the other even though it may be early in the episodes (i guess what i mean by this is that we go through a mini-stage before one of the protags realize they like the other and confess—something like a stage of friendship, if you will. then they’ll confess, and we’ll STILL see them dating. asides from my little monster, who makes up for it by having a friendship that has a lot of physical affection. dont really know about [skip and loafer] >!they did shrug the trying out a relationship off, and im dying to know what ml is thinking.!< i don’t really like slow development though, like if they take too long to see they love the other or if they take too long to confess;
next is high school. high schoolers will always leave room for improvement in terms of values and wisdom. im able to learn about how important some things are, like say not wanting to be miserable anymore and standing up.. some situations i could re-imagine in real life since im in high school myself, and realize to myself that this and that are adaptable solutions or motivations for me to try, or scream at them to finally realize something super important. the reflection doesn’t limit to values, of course, because i’ll happily, GLEEFULLY gobble up a their expression when they realize they love them.
lastly is their reactions. the interactions with side characters, extras, and etc are all relevant to what’s happening, whether deep or not. like say male lead blushes because female lead unknowingly does something and then she herself blushes when she realizes what she just did.. or maybe a side character shakes their head because of the stupid stuff a protagonist is doing. anything that’s just out in the open, that straightforwardly makes a character react is welcome.

TLDR; something like Skip and Loafer, Lovely Complex, My Little Monster, and maybe Kimi ni Todoke where there’s a difference between the main couple, friends before lovers, set in a high school setting, and loveable reactions from the cast.

this was a mix of something that has been on my mind all day and a request for recommendations since i was desperately looking for something slice-of-life-y, romance w a little comedy, followed by a dash of youth, all in a high school setting. it didn’t say skip and loafer was a sol in a site i was using so i followed through with school life, romance, and comedy. i’d add seinen or youth.

i posted this on r/manga, tho i’d also like to watch today. any ongoing or finished SERIES is good.

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