Trying to find a childhood Monster Tamer anime

Protaganist: dead parents, adopted or taken care of by headmaster of monster taming school. Has red hair🔴. By the end he has some sort lf atomic bull.

Rival: Might be blonde, he represents the color blue🔵 in contrast to the protaganist tho. By the end I think has a blue whale monster.

Setting: If Im not wrong theres a way to create/capture/fuse monsters.

Plot: in the first part its a school anime with some rivalry and whatnot. Then it starts getting more sinister, someone ends up fighting another student with a lightning bird and finds out they are an alien. The alien start an invasion, they blow up the school(protaganist and rival are fine). They travel through a desert to find the resistance team or something like that. One things leads to another and they try to blow up alien base, somehow return to past and find that was also what mc’s parents were trying to do.(there are story holes in my summary)(might not be exactly accurate).

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